Friday, April 27, 2012

Out on the weekend.

Happy Friday! Here are a few pictures from our week. It was a nice one, but I'm ready for the weekend. We'll probably catch up on some yardwork, DVDs and parks! Simple but sweet.

(1) We can't get enough of those goggles!

(2) I like to look at furniture set-ups in Room & Board to help me imagine how we can rearrange our living room.

(3) First Sea Salt of the season!

(4) Bathroom remodel progress. The subway tile is up on the walls and I am in love with it! We had to do some surprise patching of our floor, but that just got wrapped up today so hopefully next week we'll get the faucets and lights up. I cannot wait.

(5) I thrifted this huge Godzilla a few weeks ago and stuck it in the kids' Easter baskets. It's amusing to see where he pops up in the house from day to day.

I found some really fun stuff this week and hope to post it over the weekend. This jumper is so soft and so sweet!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'm on the hunt for a backyard swing! Here are a few options I'm considering.

(1) Original tree swing from Terrain.
(2) Child swing from Solvej.
(3) Original bench swing from Original Tree Swing.
(4) Extra wide wooden rope tree swing from SkySaddle.
(5) Octagon tree swing from YonderWoodsman.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend recap.

(1) I made hamburger buns for our dinner on Friday. The last time I made hamburger buns, I forgot to add the salt and they were awful. This time I was a little more focused!

(2) Fun with our dress-up clothes.

(3) Our patient and awesome dog, Jasper.

(4) Bathroom progress. More tile!

I added some new things to the shop this weekend! I have a few more pieces to put up this week, including this ridiculously adorable baby romper. I so wish my kiddo could fit into this for the 4th of July!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Shop update!

I added a few things to the shop today! It's been a crazy post-vacation week and I haven't gotten out on many hunting trips. Plus thrifting with my 18-month-old son right now is a challenge, to put it nicely. He is currently refusing to sit in any and all shopping carts, so I have to hoist him on my hip as I look for clothes (not to mention groceries) and my poor arms are tired!

This is a picture of my daughter last summer. She just outgrew one of my favorite tops and I listed it in the shop today. I will miss it! It's just beautiful. But I'm glad it will soon be with another family who loves it as much as I do.

Bathroom remodel: Vanity

Our bathroom remodel continues! Sorry for the poor quality phone pics. I was too lazy to drag out the DSLR. Up top you can see our old vanity—a 1980s nightmare. So happy to see that thing go.

I am in love with our new vanity! It's very, very pretty. The top is Caesarstone, which we had in the kitchen of our last house and really liked. I still need to get hardware for the drawers, obviously, and the faucet will be installed soon, too.

It's a little deeper than the old vanity, which is taking some getting used to because the bathroom is absolutely teeny tiny. But I hope after I adjust to the newness, it will be OK. (My fingers are seriously crossed because no matter what, we're stuck with this vanity!)

Next we'll move onto tiling the lower half of that wall with white subway tile, grouting the floor tile in the shower and installing all the faucets and lights. Crazy exciting but also incredibly nerve wracking!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back to work.

Hello there! I just got back from a nice vacation to Florida. We spent a lot of time hanging out with family and playing in the water.

It was the kids first time on an airplane and it went pretty much as I expected—our three-year-old was content to watch movies and color, and our 18-month-old was a restless, antsy mess. So glad that part of the vacation is over!

I have some fun things to put in the shop this week, so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tiny bubbles.

When I found out I was pregnant with a boy a few years back, I was a little bummed that I wouldn't get to pass on all of his big sister's awesome dresses.

It took me a while to stumble into the world of bubbles, rompers and sunsuits, but now that I have I can't believe I was ever disappointed with little boys' clothes! I took out all of Arlo's rompers last night and am so, so excited for his summer wardrobe.

A few seem a bit too small for his current size, so those will probably hit the shop soon. That sweet white bubble he's wearing above just BARELY fits him. Darn fast-growing baby!

Of course, there are a few rompers in the shop right now for your kiddo!