Friday, April 20, 2012

Bathroom remodel: Vanity

Our bathroom remodel continues! Sorry for the poor quality phone pics. I was too lazy to drag out the DSLR. Up top you can see our old vanity—a 1980s nightmare. So happy to see that thing go.

I am in love with our new vanity! It's very, very pretty. The top is Caesarstone, which we had in the kitchen of our last house and really liked. I still need to get hardware for the drawers, obviously, and the faucet will be installed soon, too.

It's a little deeper than the old vanity, which is taking some getting used to because the bathroom is absolutely teeny tiny. But I hope after I adjust to the newness, it will be OK. (My fingers are seriously crossed because no matter what, we're stuck with this vanity!)

Next we'll move onto tiling the lower half of that wall with white subway tile, grouting the floor tile in the shower and installing all the faucets and lights. Crazy exciting but also incredibly nerve wracking!

1 comment:

  1. It is fine, Anne. What phone did you use in taking those photos? Hehe, you should use your DSLR once you finish everything, including the tiles. Save the best for last, they say. :D Btw, did you change the mirror in your new vanity top, too? The top and its paint completely changed. What was your inspiration for your design?
    Chase Conely