Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend recap.

Hey guys! We got some snow in Minneapolis today, so my drive to work this morning was pret-ty slow. How was your weekend? I had a quiet one at home with my family mostly, though on Friday I was lucky enough to get tickets to a local food and drink tasting event held in Minneapolis, the Heavy Table’s North Coast Nosh. My husband stayed home with the kiddos so I could meet up with friends and gorge myself on charcuterie, macarons, Nutella-filled doughnuts and Crispin Cider. Oh man, it was some gooooood stuff!

Photos from The Heavy Table
Another fun part of the weekend was watching last year's Winnie the Pooh movie with my daughter. It’s been on my request list at the library for months and it finally came in last week. I took her to see it in the theater last fall—it was her first movie theater experience! We went to a neighborhood theater that has comfy chairs and serves food, so she was pretty thrilled with the whole experience. It was fun to rewatch it with her again, and amusing to see her laugh at the same jokes that made her giggle the first time around.

I also squeezed in some thrifting! I’m hoping to take pictures soon so I can get everything in the shop this week. Gotta wait until I have some good daylight!

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