Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A trip to the fair.

Because I live in Minnesota, when you say you are going to "the fair" you are likely only talking about one thing: the Minnesota State Fair. But there are tons of other little fairs all over the state all summer long that tide us over until the big show at the end of August.

Last summer we hit a nearby county fair, which was modest but fun, and last weekend we tried out a city fair just north of us. It was tiny and the sun was brutally hot but the kids didn't mind a bit. Arlo rode his first ride (epic fail—they had to stop the ride so we could rescue him!) and Iris had the awesome carousel almost all to herself. We chatted up some carnies, drank a blue slushie, stopped Arlo from eating cigarette butts off the ground, took tons of pictures and all left exhausted. Success!

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