Monday, June 11, 2012

Back into the groove.

I am really loving summer so far. Everything is a little lazier and slower, the veggies are amazing, the kids can burn off all their energy outside, the light is so much more cooperative with my limited photography skills—it's all perfect.

My husband and daughter camped in the backyard Saturday night. The weather was ideal—not too hot, breezy, no rain. We ate s'mores by the campfire and then they crawled into their tent (which my husband stuffed with a HUGE air mattress). The baby and I slept inside, which is exactly my speed. Camping only runs on one side of our family. :)

We tried to watch the Mad Men finale last night, but a storm interrupted our cable! Frustrating. So we set the TV to record a later showing and instead watched a few episodes of Girls. (We have HBO temporarily so we're frantically recording everything we can find!)

I put a few new things in the shop over the weekend, including this ridiculously cute strawberry Baby B'Gosh romper. Ah, I can't stand how cute it is! Look for a few more things to trickle in later in the week.

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