Sunday, February 26, 2012

Around the house.

I thrifted a pretty needlework piece a few weeks ago and finally got around to framing and hanging it this weekend. I love it! It was only 50 cents at Bibles for Missions, so I spent more on the Ikea frame than on the art. It reminds me of otomi fabric, which in spite of being everywhere in blogland, I still love.

While I was taking a picture of that piece, I snapped a few more around the house. (On a grey afternoon, so the light wasn't the best, sorry.) Those glass shelves in the living room make me crazy because they collect an inch of dust every day. Someday we'll replace them with nice thick wood shelves, and then I won't feel like such a bad housekeeper. The art in that little black frame on the bottom shelf was made by my daughter! The pieces on the top shelves were gifts from our talented friends.

We also just framed a Debbie Carlos poster for our bedroom. I was a little nervous about it because it's so huge, but it looks great on that wall. (There's no glass in the frame, so if it falls on us one night we will only be annoyed, not horribly injured.)

I put a few new things in the shop this weekend!

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