Monday, February 13, 2012

Sit down I think I love you.

I added a few things to the shop this weekend. This dress just knocks my socks off! It's made from the softest chambray fabric ever, and the red embroidery and buttons add such a kick. Plus it's for an older girl, which is extra special.

Everyone in my house was a bit sick this weekend, but we still had some fun. That top picture is my son crashing a photoshoot for the shop. I normally try to keep him in another room while I'm taking pictures of the clothes, but he charmed his way in on Friday afternoon. Notice one hand sneakily trying to pry off our childproof outlet covers. Pretty sly, kiddo.

Iris and I made a big batch of spritz cookies. I usually use the Blonde Designs sugar cookie recipe for my holiday cookies (which is fantastic!), but it requires a long chilling period and I didn't have time to wait. I've only ever made spritz for Christmas, but when I dug the cookie press out of the basement I realized there are quite a few Valentine's Day and spring shapes! Instead of helping with the icing, like she does when we make sugar cookies, Iris got to dust everything with colored sanding sugar so she was still happy. I'm going to bust out my cookie press more often, I think.

I also thrifted Iris a super awesome Valentine's Day dress this weekend. Unfortunately, the only picture I got of her wearing it is in this jumping-on-the-bed action shot. (Her bookshelves are a hot mess, I realize. They are on my spring cleaning list. Come on, spring!)

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