Friday, February 3, 2012

Thrifting rewards.

I was in Value Village the other day waiting in line for the cashier and the dude in front of me was gushing to anyone who would listen about the rad Chemex coffeemaker he'd just plucked from the shelves for $3. I have to admit, I was pretty jealous! It's so sad when you see someone else in the store holding something you technically COULD have snagged if only you'd gotten to it first!

But I had both kiddos with me, and I had to remind myself that even I'd gotten to the store 15 minutes before that lucky dude, I would have never taken my grabby 16-month-old through the glass section. Never. So I would've missed out no matter what.

Still! Those Chemex contraptions are so pretty. At the food and drink tasting event I went to last month, Peace Coffee was brewing a few varieties of their coffee using Chemex coffeemakers. I don't know if it was their beans or the Chemex, but the three (!!) cups I had were super delicious. 

Anyway, the bright spot of that visit was I found out Value Village just introduced a new rewards card. It's $10 to purchase, but then you get a $10 coupon to use on your next visit. And after that you can accumulate points (on both purchases and donations) that will eventually lead to more store credits. Value Village is definitely one of my hot spots, simply because its locations happen to be in my normal traffic patterns, so this will be put to good use!

Also at that visit (it was quite an exciting day at Value Village!), on my way out I saw the woman behind Retro Wanderlust and I remembered that she's having another sale in Hopkins this month, Feb. 16-18. Minneapolis people, you should check it out! We made eye contact because she was watching my goofy kids as she browsed the store and I recognized her face, but it wasn't until we both looked away that my brain registered who she was: "Hey, that's the lady who sold me an awesome floor lamp!" 

It looks like exactly this, only I'm pretty sure that 1st Dibs dealer isn't selling it for $60 like the Retro Wanderlust lady was, bless her heart. It's one of my favorite things in our living room now.

I added an awesome sweater t-shirt to the shop last night! I still have a bunch of little baby stuff that's coming soon, too.


  1. hey fellow mpls etsy'er!! i am at VV a LOT, if you see me say hi!!! we should get together with tammy from mstips sometime!


  2. Hi Lishyloo! I love your shop! And I will definitely say hi if we bump into each other at VV!