Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday afternoon.

A few scenes from our Saturday afternoon.

(1) My daughter, Iris, is obsessed—OBSESSED—with Care Bears. My mom dragged out my childhood collection from the '80s last year, and then we bought a few more on eBay for Iris when we were bribing her to go to bed quietly and not wake up her brother (they started sharing a room when he was about six was not a smooth transition, let's just say that).

(2) The baby's changing table. That #2 canister holds our cloth diapering accessories, ha.

(3) New wood puzzle we picked up from the thrift store on Friday.

(4) My kids actually entertaining each other! A miracle.

(5) We're having a LOT of dance parties to Here Come the 123s these days.

Look for lots of new stuff in the shop this weekend!

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