Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wake up your windows.

Photo by Will Deitz
We saw Jeff Mangum at the State Theatre on Saturday night. Some folks from Elf Power and The Gerbils opened and they were lovely and so fun to watch. I listened to them play and thought, "Oh, this will be such a nice night! It's already so good."

And then Jeff walked on stage and started playing and my mind was blown. It was the most moving show I've ever seen. Simultaneously joyful and wrenching. (I was in tears for most of it, which embarrassed me until my husband later confessed that he was, too!) A really magical night.

Saturday also marked our first real non-family babysitting experience! We're lucky to have my family in town and they are so great about watching the kids for us, but on Saturday two friends came over hang out with Iris while we were gone (and the baby, too, though he was already asleep). It went really well and made me excited for future date nights!

The shop is stocked with tons of sweet red clothes for Valentine's Day, by the way. I had some really great luck last week and found an armful of amazing stuff!

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